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I am using Selenium Grid2 to run automation tests. But there is one issue that I am facing, sometimes due to test failure, it leaves selenium node problematic. For example it throws connections refused exception or any other exceptions when the hub forwards the request to that node, thus the node could not start the test. I run a script to detect this issue, but I think it is not enough, and I also tried to add own proxy implementing TestSessionListener, CommandListener, but it seems like the hub just takes charge of forwarding request and does not know that there is something wrong in the node. I am thinking that if there is a way to forward the request to another selenium node when the first node hub sends request to has issues. So do you have any good ideas about how to solve this issue? I really appreciate your help!

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Why did the customProxy implementing TestSessionListener fail? Cant check whether the node is active by running your script in beforeSession()? – A.J Aug 3 '12 at 0:31
customProxy seems cant check the status of the node and cant handle forwarding request neither. Even if I can use script detect this issue, how could the script to intercept that session in beforeSession() and forward the request to another available node? – user1544640 Aug 6 '12 at 15:35

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