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I have been trying to figure out how to capture an image withing my Microsoft Access 2007 application using a webcam.

We have been paying for a 3rd party application for this in the past - it is used for taking ID card photos, but the software has grown buggy over time, and I think we should be able to accomplish this ourselves!

All I need is for my Access application to use the webcam to capture the image and save it in a network share. That's it!

I have been trying to hunt down vba code, twain drivers, ActiveX controls... but they all seem to be either deprecated (Access 97/2000) or proprietary! There's got to be some other solution out there though!

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You could possibly shell out to another app (using the vba Shell function) that can take a snapshot from the webcam and save it to a file. I found one example:


Good luck.

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