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Is it possible to set the expiration date of a Provisioning Profile? I am having an internal trial within the company and I would like to set the expiration date to be the end of the trial; instead of just being a year from the creation date. Is it possible or is it always going to be one year from the creation date?

Also, if its not possible to set the expiration date, is it possible to kill the provisioning profile from the portal that way the application itself will expire and not be able to be opened? Or am I better off just coding something up that will not allow the app to be opened after a certain date?

If it matters, the trial is going to be a small 5-10 person trial in marketing. The devices are either iPad 2s or the iPhone 4.

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Your app profile will last for 3 months on the device. It's not changeable and cannot be edited. Once a device has your profile, it's done. You can remove that profile from the device or the app itself. If it's only an app which your company will use, i advise you to create some kind of validation yourself. A code inside your app or even a web service that you will fetch the valid devices.

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Good ideas. Thank you – Falcon165o Aug 3 '12 at 11:24

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