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This is a problem I've had with an Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS video card, running Gnome 3 on Mageia 2 and using Aptana Studio 3.

Symptom: scrolling is unbearably slow - e.g. scrolling with the mouse wheel could take eight seconds to complete the scroll. Editing was also painful waiting for saves.

I know this is something to do with the Nvidia card as well as Aptana (see my solution) but has anyone else experienced this and have a better solution?

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@MikeC: well, it's a problem with the Aptana Studio IDE. Dev tool issues are on-topic here. –  Mat Aug 2 '12 at 17:29
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New Solution to supercede one suggested below.

The problem seems to be a combination of JDK, nvidia, and gnome 3 (at least on Mageia 2 - not sure about Ubuntu etc). The best solution I got in the end was to use the nouveau driver without 3D acceleration, and then it works ok again. (With 3D acceleration nouveau currently seems to hang after about 5 minutes but in the meantime it ran Aptana fine.)

Netbeans seemed to have other problems instead, and the problem was also present in Eclipse. On KDE Aptana ran perfectly (quicker than on gnome at the best of times). So that is why I think JDK plus nvidia plus gnome 3 were not playing nicely.

An alternative solution is to use KDE instead for the desktop.

Old solution:

Solution of a sort: assuming you're using the 295.xxx nvidia driver (and not nouveau), then in Mageia control center->hardware->set up the graphical server, under options, turn OFF "Enable RENDER acceleration" where it warns having it on could cause problems with text rendering. Doing this seems to speed up Aptana back to pre-nvidia speeds.

However, X will now use up a large amount of CPU as it compensates for the lack of Render Acceleration. SO this is more of a work-around.

I've tried this with the latest nvidia beta release driver and the problem still remains.

It seems to be a combination of Aptana may be doing too much processing while scrolling, redrawing etc, the nvidia drivers with the text bug and gnome 3 being a bit slower. For example netbeans doesn't seem to have the same issue.

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