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In my WPF application, I have a horizontal StackPanel that I am trying to use as a toolbar. Within this panel, I have buttons, comboboxes and textboxes. As the buttons are the tallest, the StackPanel takes their height. And the same do the comboboxes and textboxes. But I want them to stay as they are, otherwise they look ugly. How can I prevent them to expand and fill all available space? I tried to set their height to Auto or to an explicit size, but that didn't help. I also tried to replace the StackPanel with a Grid, but this didn't help either. What am I doing wrong?

      <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Margin="3, 10">
        <ComboBox x:Name="Agencies" DisplayMemberPath="Name" SelectedValuePath="Value" 
                  SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedAgency}"
                  Height="50"  MinWidth="100" Margin="3,0"/>
        <Button x:Name="UploadFile"
            Content="Upload File"  IsEnabled="{Binding EnrollmentFiles.Any}"                           
            Style="{StaticResource ImageButtonStyle}" />          
         <Button x:Name="EnrollmentDelete"
            Content="Delete Enrollment"  IsEnabled="{Binding EnrollmentFiles.Any}"                           
            Style="{StaticResource ImageButtonStyle}" />

        <TextBox x:Name="WorkSheetName" />
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You need to set the VerticalAlignment on your ComboBox and TextBox to something like Center. By default it's set to Stretch

<TextBox VerticalAlignment="Center" ... />
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Thank you very much. –  David Shochet Aug 2 '12 at 18:25

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