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i'm quite confused at the moment when it comes to calculating a font-size

this is the normal calculation I already use.

font-size: #{($font-size*0.7) / $em}em

What I wanna do now is divide an entire statement like the one above with another one … sounds complicated I know.

So I have #{($font-size*0.7) / $em} And I have #{($font-size*0.8125) / $em}

I want to devide those two values now …

So font-size: #{($font-size*0.7) / $em} / #{($font-size*0.8125) / $em}em.

But that doesn't work. Any idea how I do a calculation like that with SASS?

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font-size: #{(($font-size*0.7) / $em) / (($font-size*0.8125) / $em)}em

The interpolation back into a string #{...} should be the last thing done after the calculations.

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ScottS answer appears to be technically correct, but why do you even need such a complex expression in the first place? Expressed as a fraction, this can be simplified to

($font-size * 0.7 / $em) / ($font-size * 0.8125 / $em) = 0.7 / 0.8125

And your final expression would be

font-size: #{(0.7/0.8125)}em

...wouldn't it?

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+1 for an excellent point. I totally missed the fact that the order of operations and values used here allowed it to reduce. Indeed, even your answer could probably be practically reduced further to something like: font-size: 0.86153em (or whatever rounding one wanted), having the fraction already precalculated, which takes out both the division and need to do the interpolation back to a string. – ScottS Aug 3 '12 at 11:04
@ScottS: you're right, I've just assumed that the decimal fractions would end up being replaced by variables – o.v. Aug 4 '12 at 5:40

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