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I am an aspiring web designer and I am learning by myself and practicing by myself. Right now I am creating a classifieds theme design.

I want to apply the twitter bootstrap js plugin typeahed, what I wanted to accomplish is just to setup the plugin and just put some dummy source data.

This is my html markup below:

<form class="well form-horizontal">
    <input class="city span3" type="text" data-provide="typeahead"/>

    and this is what I type for the script... bye the way, I don't have deep understanding yet about jQuery or javascript.

    $(function() {$(".city").typeahead({
            source: ["Youtube","Facebook","Yahoo"]
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This is working just fine, as showed in this jsfiddle. Do you encounter any problem or errors ? In any case, starting by a basic tutorial about javascript, then jQuery seems to be the best thing to do before going into Twitter Bootstrap plugins. – Sherbrow Aug 2 '12 at 22:50
Sherbrow, thank you for pointing out that the code I've posted is working. And so, I tried to look around and see what's wrong with my markup. I have found out that a code was commented wrongfully like this <!--<script type="text/javascript">-->. – Gary Lising Aug 3 '12 at 1:08

Try this one :

    source: ['Youtube', 'Facebook', 'Yahoo']
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