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I am using Subsonic v3.0.0.3 with the Linq templates. I am attempting to update a record in a SQL Server Express database with the following:

var db = new MyDB(Constants.Database);
  .Set(d => d.FirstName == contact.FirstName)
  .Where(d => d.Id == contact.Id)

I am receiving a NullReferenceException when this line is executed. The stack trace is as follows:

   at SubSonic.Query.Update.GetCommand()
   at SubSonic.Query.Update.Execute()

Any chance that someone may be able to suggest what the problem is?

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Hmm - I would say to make sure the connection string is present (I'll be fixing the error message for missing connection strings in the coming weeks) other than that - this looks like an issue - would you mind posting at Github?

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It should be throwing a meaningful error if the connection string is null: github.com/subsonic/SubSonic-3.0/blob/… –  Runscope API Tools Jul 24 '09 at 21:28
It seems not to be a connection string issue - as I'm getting data from the database using similar conventions. I will certainly lodge it over at github. –  Brad Leach Jul 25 '09 at 12:04
Thanks - I'm getting some buggy code contributions that I need to watch more closely - also I need some more tests :) –  Rob Conery Jul 26 '09 at 5:07

I did a simple update which give me an NullReferenceException

FarmDB db = new FarmDB();
db.Update<UserInfo>().Set(x => x.phone == "13679178184").Where(x => x.name == "marship").Execute();

After step into the code, I found the line in Query/update.cs L186

internal Setting CreateSetting(IColumn column, bool isExpression)
    Setting s = new Setting
        query = this,
        ColumnName = column.Name,
        ParameterName = (_provider.ParameterPrefix + "up_" + column.Name),
        IsExpression = isExpression,
        DataType = column.DataType

The ColumnName = column.QualifiedName should be ColumnName = column.Name.

After correct this, update runs well. Hope some one can check this.

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