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Is there a way to detect the operating system in ruby? I am working on developing a sketchup tool that will need to detect MAC vs. WINDOWS.

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Can you give us more details around why you need to do this? Often feature detection can be more helpful than blanket OS detection. –  Pete Aug 2 '12 at 19:05

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Here is the best one I have seen recently. It is from selenium. The reason I think it is the best is it uses rbconfig host_os field which has the advantage of working on MRI and JRuby. RUBY_PLATFORM will say 'java' on JRuby regardless of host os it is running on. You will need to mildly tweak this method:

  require 'rbconfig'

  def os
    @os ||= (
      host_os = RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os']
      case host_os
      when /mswin|msys|mingw|cygwin|bccwin|wince|emc/
      when /darwin|mac os/
      when /linux/
      when /solaris|bsd/
        raise Error::WebDriverError, "unknown os: #{host_os.inspect}"
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Nice, but I think you should update your answer to make note of the "os" gem, which already addresses the JRuby problem you mentioned and gets this detection code of our your code base. See: stackoverflow.com/a/20579735/109561 –  Gerry Jan 22 at 22:45

You can use


irb(main):001:0> RUBY_PLATFORM
=> "i686-linux"

But @Pete is right.

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just wanted to let people know that if you're running a 32 bit ruby on a 64 bit windows, RUBY_PLATFORM will show you that architecture is 32 bit. –  max Nov 26 '14 at 6:06
RUBY_PLATFORM will return "java" when using JRuby, regardless the OS. –  robertodecurnex Dec 3 '14 at 18:53

You can use the os gem:

gem install os

And then

require 'os'
OS.linux?   #=> true or false
OS.windows? #=> true or false
OS.java?    #=> true or false
OS.bsd?     #=> true or false
# and so on.

See: https://github.com/rdp/os

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Thanks for finding that. Awesome answer. :) Sadly, you have two years of votes to catch up on. –  Gerry Jan 22 at 22:41

You can inspect the RUBY_PLATFORM constant, but this is known to be unreliable in certain cases, such as when running JRuby. Other options include capturing the output of the uname -a command on POSIX systems, or using a detection gem such as sys-uname.

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E.g. with:

puts RUBY_PLATFORM  #i386-mingw32
puts ENV['OS']    #Windows_NT
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not in linux... –  confiq Mar 18 at 16:49

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