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How can I determine the maximum filename length on a linux box?

Preferred in PHP programming language.

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You want pathconf or fpathconf, which are not exposed (yet) in PHP. (When they are, they'll probably be posix_pathconf.)

You may also shell out to getconf, a command-line utility interface to the same functionality. Try this on your system:

$ getconf NAME_MAX /tmp

$ getconf PATH_MAX /tmp

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there's no need to programatically determine it. it's 255 bytes.

edit: you can have longer filenames on a very few file systems (reiser, i believe), but if you stick to 255 your app will be usable on any linux installation.

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The maximum file length for most linux file systems is 255. You're probably best off using that as a generic constant and modifying to fit your known file system in linux. Here's a nice comparison of the file systems that might be used. Max file length is listed there.

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I think you could use realpath(). I'm not sure best approach, but for example:


264 is 255(max path lim) + 9 ('index.php' len). So substracting current path length from limit gives you max current path length.

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You are confusing path max len (usually 4096) with file name max len (usually 255). –  mark4o Jul 24 '09 at 21:11

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