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Does anyone know how to add helpers to the dashboard? I've added a filter to the dashboard, but will need to get the filter params from the URL. Instead of repeating code to strip the url for the params, I'd like to send it to a method to have it parse the URL, then send those variables back to each section.

Current code

section do
  div :id =>"dashboardText" do
    fromDate = (fromDate>0) ? fromDate: nil || 30
    toDate = (toDate==0) ? -1: toDate || -1
    table do

I've tried placing the method in the Application helper and including it, as well as in the application controller itself. Does anyone have any work arounds for the Dashboard?

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Check out this answer which describes adding methods to AcitveAdmin::ViewsHelper. – Charles Maresh Feb 19 '13 at 23:11
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I have found a solution for this (ActiveAdmin v0.6.1 in my case) and posted at, can you try to see if it helps?

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