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project_1.vcproj contains: header_1.h has "extern int flag;" is declared. source_1.c has "int flag = 0" initialized

project_2.vcproj contains: source_2.c has a function which modifies the value of flag.

#include "header_1.h"
 void setFlag() {
    flag = 1;

When I try to compile this I get link errors: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int flag"

What I am trying to achieve is I want the value of flag to be visible globally. Because after the flag is set to 1, source_1.c uses this information do other things.

Please let me know how to achieve me. Thanks.

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You have to #include "header_1.h" at the top of source_2.c.

Also make sure source_1.c is included in project_2.

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I have already done that. Thanks. –  RRR Aug 2 '12 at 19:54

Project_2 must include header_1.h or Project_2 must declare extern int flag. Either way, you will need to link Project_2 against the actual storage location of int flag. Otherwise, project_2 won't manipulate the value of int flag in located in Project_1.

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extract int flag = 0 into separate .c file and add that source file into both projects

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