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I've got a Visual Studio 2010 solution that I would like to add a project to that only contains some command-line scripts. This project isn't meant to actually compile/build anything, but I want to be able to edit my scripts with the rest of the solution, and have TFS integration etc.

Unfortunately, in searching I get a lot of results for errors where builds don't happen, or other conditions where specific build targets are implemented. I simply want a non-build project in VS as a visual repository for the editor. I don't want to one-by-one include individual files in a solution folder.

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In the build configuration manager (On the Menu, "Build", "Configuration Manager"), there is a "build" checkbox for each project. Uncheck it for your script project.

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Could you make a content project, add your scripts to it, then change their properties to "Do not compile"?

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Right now, I do this with a web project (not web app)... which is as close as I can get. –  Tracker1 Mar 1 '13 at 0:19

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