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How Can i add a text in a special line of rich text box... example: I want to add"This Text" to Line 6

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Are you wanting to do this dynamically.. what are you doing i.e what process are you using to fill the rich text box.. are you familiar with using a List<T> need more information to provide a better suggestion – MethodMan Aug 2 '12 at 20:34
Are we talking about a WPF (System.Windows.Controls) or WinForms (System.Windows.Forms) RichTextBox? Please tag appropriately. – codesparkle Aug 2 '12 at 20:37

You can as long as the line number is available

Example :

string[] lines = richTextBox1.Lines;
lines[6] = "This Text";
richTextBox1.Lines = lines;
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I think you can use the .Lines property, which is a string[], and is read-writable...but I think you'd have to insert the empty lines in front of line 6 if they weren't there already.

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As others said, in Windows Forms you can do that using RichTextBox.Lines property.

In WPF RichTextBox this is a bit trickier: you'd need to get a TextPointer for the beginning of the line, move it down 7 lines and then back one position, and then insert the text there. Something like this (I'm not near a Visual Studio, this may not compile!):

public static void InsertText(RichTextBox richText, int line, string text) {
    // Find the position at the end of the specified line.
    var documentStart = richText.Document.ContentStart;
    var lineEnd = documentStart.GetLineStartPosition(line + 1)
                      .GetPositionAtOffset(1, LogicalDirection.Backward);

    // Insert the text there.
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If you want to insert your text at line 6 without loosing the current text

string[] buffer = new string[richTextBox1.Lines.Length+1];
Array.Copy(richTextBox1.Lines, 0, buffer, 0, 5);
buffer[5] = "MyText";
Array.Copy(richTextBox1.Lines, 5, buffer, 6, richTextBox1.Lines.Length - 5);
richTextBox1.Lines = buffer;
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