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I have this function which in a xml structure gives me the id of a parent node.

(ns foo.core
  (:require [clojure.data.zip.xml :as cdzx]))

(defn id-of-parent [zipper child-id node1 node2 node3 node4]
  (cdzx/xml-> zipper node1 node2 node3 node4
    (cdzx/attr= :Id child-id) zip/up zip/up (cdzx/attr :Id)))

It would be called like

(id-of-parent zipper child-id :Foos :Foo :Bars :Bar)

I would now like to make this function more general by replacing the four "node" with a simple "& path" so I can use any number of nodes to set a path.

(defn id-of-parent [zipper child-id & path]
  (cdzx/xml-> zipper ????path????
    (cdzx/attr= :Id child-id) zip/up zip/up (cdzx/attr :Id)))

What is the proper way of unrolling the sequence of keywords to single keywords?

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the unquote-splicing feature of the syntax-quote function is almost always used in building function calls in macros, though it happens to be a good fit for building function calls in general.

(defn id-of-parent [zipper child-id & path]
        (apply cdzx/xml-> `(~zipper ~@path
          ~(cdzx/attr= :Id child-id) ~zip/up ~zip/up ~(cdzx/attr :Id))))

because xml-> is a function and not a macro you can build calls to it using apply

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This approach does not work. Eg. the call to attr= or zip/up are not evaluated. So you get a list or a symbol instead of the predicates. – kotarak Aug 3 '12 at 6:19
forgot to the rest of them, fixed – Arthur Ulfeldt Aug 3 '12 at 19:01
Fixed missing zipper unquote. – kotarak Aug 3 '12 at 19:27

You can use apply.

(defn id-of-parent
  [zipper child-id & path]
  (->> [(cdzx/attr= :Id child-id) zip/up zip/up (cdzx/attr :Id)]
    (concat path)
    (apply cdzx/xml-> zipper)))
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Apply can be used like:

(defn id-of-parent
  [zipper child-id & path]
  (let [pred [path (cdzx/attr= :Id child-id) zip/up zip/up (cdzx/attr :Id)]]
    (apply cdzx/xml-> zipper (flatten pred))))
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This gives me a ClassCastException clojure.lang.Keyword cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IObj clojure.core/with-meta (core.clj:211) – Marcel Möhring Aug 4 '12 at 17:20

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