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I am running a simple script, that reads data from a file and plots it. My problem is that I reread and replot the data, as the file continuously changes. Whenever I use refresh the plot window becomes active again, which I would like to prevent. I would like the plot to be updated in the background. Is this possible?

My sample script:

set datafile separator ","
plot "data.dat" using 1:3
pause 1; refresh; reread;
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For anybody trying to use this technique: The 'refresh' command was invalid when I tried it. It worked when I replaced it with 'replot' –  HXCaine Feb 28 '13 at 17:27

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This depends on what terminal you're using. wxt, x11 and qt support a noraise option:

set term x11 1 noraise

This should allow it to stay in the background.

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awesome, thanks! worked like a charm. –  Markus Aug 2 '12 at 21:07
set term qt noraise for those using Qt. =) –  mohawkjohn Feb 11 at 17:12
@mohawkjohn -- Updated. Thanks. –  mgilson Feb 11 at 17:33

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