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Querying 'AND' sounds simple on activate framework, the ',' makes the 'AND' job

transactional {
    val personList2 = allWhere[NaturalPerson](_.name :== "Test", _.motherName :== "Mother")

I'm wondering how OR is made. An example would be nice.

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You can use OR with allWhere. Note that you have to use parenthesis.

allWhere[NaturalPerson](p => (p.name :== "Test") :|| (p.motherName :== "Mother"))

Or you can use the complete query form:

query {
    (p: NaturalPerson) => where((p.name :== "Test") :|| (p.motherName :== "Mother")) select(p)
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Have a look at the test suite that comes with the framework. Here is an example test taken from QuerySpecs.scala:

"support query with or" in {
    (step: StepExecutor) => {
      import step.ctx._
      step {
      step {
        query {
          (e: ActivateTestEntity) =>
            where(    (e.booleanValue :== true)
                  :|| (e.booleanValue :== false)
                  :|| (e.booleanValue isNull)) select (e)
        }.size must beEqualTo(3)

        query {
          (e: ActivateTestEntity) =>
            where(     (e.booleanValue :== true)
                   :|| (e.charValue :== fullCharValue)) select (e)
        }.size must beEqualTo(1)
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