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I am trying to follow an example in the package fanplot but I cannot find the ew.txt file. I would be grateful for your help.


## Not run: 

##Create your own (longer) MCMC sample
# data
r <- diff(log(ew))
r <- ts(exp(r) - 1, start(ew))

# write model file:
ew.bug <- dget(system.file("model", "ew.txt", package = "fanplot"))
write.model(ew.bug, "ew.txt")
# take a look:"ew.txt")
# run openbugs
ew.mcmc <- bugs(data = list(N = length(r), H = 25, r = c(r), p = c(ew)),
                inits = list(list(a = exp(12), psi = 0.5, itau2 = 0.5)),
                param = c("alpha", "psi", "tau", "", "", "y.sim"),
                model = "ew.txt", 
                n.iter = 11000, n.burnin = 1000, n.chains = 1, n.thin = 1)

## End(Not run)
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@adam-888 I dropped the ew.txt BUGS file from the fanplot package when I released the tsbugs package. See the updated example code in the manual and/or vignette of the fanplot package to run these models and plot the fans. My apologies for the confusion. It seemed liked the most logical thing to do at the time. – gjabel Nov 11 '13 at 14:50
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The file is in R_LIBS/fanplot/model/ where R_LIBS is the location of your package library.

In the example code, the file is found via system.file():

system.file("model", "ew.txt", package = "fanplot")

and then the next line writes the model to a the file ew.txt in the working directory. It is not clear which ew.txt you want. If the one that comes with the package find it in R_LIBS as above. Or download the source tarball from CRAN (the tar.gz from the package page on cran.

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Thanks, I looked in the R_LIBS/fanplot/ directory and there is no subdirectory: model. I also looked in the other subdirectories in fanplot but cannot find ew.txt anywhere. – adam.888 Aug 2 '12 at 21:16
What OS are you on? I just looked and version 1.0 had the model directory in the wrong place in the package sources so it never gets installed (it should be PKG_ROOT/inst/model but was PKG_ROOT/model). Version 1.1 fixes this problem but it is not available yet for Windows and MacOS X. My Answer pertains to version 1.1; the file doesn't exist in an installed package with 1.0. – Gavin Simpson Aug 2 '12 at 21:26
Thanks very much for all your help. I am on Windows. – adam.888 Aug 3 '12 at 8:39

When you run this code in an interactive session, use getwd to see what your working directory is. This should be the directory which contains the saved text file.

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