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I use TranslateBehavior in my app. Model translate fields like name, content and slug. The table has many records. ...and now I must add antoher field to this table and I have problem. When I added field name to actsAs in model, my records return empty results. Why?

How add another field to Translated model after fact?

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At first, I suggest you try to clean the model cache (delete files from path/to/project/app/tmp/cache/models.

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No, it's still doesn't work – kicaj Aug 4 '12 at 23:47

I ran into the same problem.

The solution was to execute a SQL query to create the new translated fields that should have been created before.

I had a title tarnslator field before. Now I want to add a company translated field. My i18n table is translation. My model is Speaker.

Here is the SQL query to execute:

INSERT INTO translation (locale, model, foreign_key, field)
    SELECT locale,model, foreign_key, 'company' FROM  translation
    WHERE model="Speaker" AND field="title";
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