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I don't own a mac, is it possible to create a fully functional video recording app in gnustep on windows then carry out the necessary process to deploy it as an iPad app?

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Basically, no. You will, of course, be close-ish to a functioning Cocoa app if you code in GNUstep, but there are fundamental differences between the two APIs, and there are enough of them that finishing the iPad version would be a serious amount of work. You would need to get a Mac when it came time to finish your app, and there would be many hours of work invested in fixing up your GNUstep code to work with Cocoa.

Furthermore, there are specific video-related APIs available on the iPad that are simply not available for GNUstep. You will wind up rewriting large sections of code.

Sorry! Your best bet here is to acquire a Mac for development.

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Yes, the hard part of such an application is not the language, but what you need to get right in AV Foundation for the recording and Cocoa touch for the interface. – Brad Larson Aug 3 '12 at 3:20
bollocks! you have killed my dream! thanks haha!! – user1477834 Aug 3 '12 at 7:48

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