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Eclipse for Java EE Juno Jdk 6 update 26 Maven 3.0.4 Spring Framework 3.1.0 Hibernate 4.15 Struts 2 Sub version 1.7.5 plugin Tomcat 7 MySQL

I've downloaded latest JDK release 6 update 26 and installed, configured environmental variables, everything is working fine in this part.

I've downloaded Eclipse for JAVA EE Juno release.

I've configured Tomcat 7.0 server with in Eclipse environment.

Everything is under my control so far..

but for database, I'm confused which one to install among, mysql-installer-community-5.5.25a.1 or mysql-5.5.25a-win32 ?? First I tried to install former one, it did for a while and was shown up with error. I uninstalled and tried the later one it went smooth till I press the execute button, after pressing execute button for the last screen in installation process, It took heck lot of time to configure the instance (In fact, I felt it was in loop), out of patience I killed process in task manager. Surprising, there was workbench in program files, I opened and try to create connection, nothing is happened. (Please give any detail link for this to install mySQL, already searched for lot but that process is not happening for me, STRANGE)

For configuring Maven, I really don't know exactly how to do this, to my knowledge whatever the support I got from net was really a GREEK and LATIN to me, they were not from scratch, I understood, we need to download maven repository and should set the classpath, I did till this part, but my question is how to create a MAVEN project and to open it in ECLIPSE to make it eclipse project.

For SPRING, STRUTS 2 and HIBERNATE integration in the eclipse along with SVN plugin, is there any detail material or link available? Why I'm asking is, I'm very newbie to this environment.

But I read some part in internet and understood, integrating all these frameworks with eclipse, we can build effective environment for web development in JAVA. I'm looking forward to develop an Contract Management application using these technologies.

Please, if someone comes up with steps wise process or approach to configure the environment, I would be very much thankful. I mean, please don't miss a single step in the process, since I'm stuck in the middle due to those kind of half made support excepting everyone to be well familiar with these technologies, But I'm NOT.

Finally, Is there way to include AJAX as well with these technologies? I want to develop the web application in the down line 6 months dedicating to it. I believe this is my first step to do so.

Or is there are any other better approach in JAVA which has all the functionality of the above frameworks along with AJAX which you guys want to suggest me? I know JAVA EE 6 has some better approaches, but my client said it is yet to improve a lot to reach the standards of above frameworks.

Thanks in advance for your replies.. :)

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This question is too broad. Are you asking how to install MySQL? For Maven/Eclipse integration, use the m2eclipse plugin. – Dave Newton Aug 2 '12 at 21:39
thsnks for your reply, so how to integrate Hibernate, Structs an Spring? Eclipse Plugin for SVN and how to get used AJAX with the integrated environment? Could you be a bit detail in this concern. – Krishna Ghanta Chowdary Aug 2 '12 at 22:18
You can either use the Struts 2 jQuery plugin, or just write "raw" jQuery. Look at the Struts 2 Spring plugin for integrating Spring with Struts 2. Look at Hibernate docs for how to use Hibernate, and the Spring ORM docs for using Hibernate with Spring. Look at the plugin docs and SVN docs for using SVN. Come back when you have actual specific questions. – Dave Newton Aug 2 '12 at 22:25
I installed Spring STS plugin for eclipse - went smooth Hibernate Tools Plugin - went smooth, but concerning Struts 2 JQuery plugin, it is said that if we install maven plugin greater than 1.8, Struts2 Jquery is aailable in built in maven repository and same with ajax (if we have Struts2 Jquery plugin, Ajax is enabled by default), Am I doing the right thing? If so, I believe I'm done with actual specifications. – Krishna Ghanta Chowdary Aug 2 '12 at 23:26
I don't understand what you're asking, plus I don't use Eclipse. The Eclipse Maven plugin version is not related at all to any Maven artifact version, however. – Dave Newton Aug 2 '12 at 23:28

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