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I asked this question earlier and that helped a lot. Then I realized I also need a list of IDs of the List that is a property in that object. Basically I want to end up with a list of integers generated from each list in those objects. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Please make your question self-contained. –  Kirk Woll Aug 2 '12 at 21:42

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var ids = (from x in outerList
          from y in x.List
          select y).ToList();

Or to avoid dups:

var ids = (from x in outerList
          from y in x.List
          select y).Distinct().ToList();

For info, this could also be written:

var ids = outerList.SelectMany(x => x.List).ToList();


var ids = outerList.SelectMany(x => x.List).Distinct().ToList();
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