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Does Google CodePro AnalytiX have Ant/Gradle tasks that are publicly available? It looks like Google bought CodePro AnalytiX and turned it into an Eclipse-only tool.

Searching the CodePro AnalytiX web pages it is obvious that there were defined Ant tasks for the project at one time (deployed collectively as CodePro AnalytiX Server), but that seems too be a dead project (and one I couldn't find).

I really, really like CodePro AnalytiX but it would be absolutely invaluable if there was a way to run it as part of our CI build (which is Ant-based, and soon, will be Gradle-based). Thanks in advance!

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Code Pro ships withs ant tasks, see =>… CodePro is part of our build workflow, you need to run Eclipse headless – Rebse Aug 3 '12 at 17:03

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