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get current class and method?

How can i find the name of the method i am using in php? I found how to do this in C but not in PHP. I found a Q on here which roughly talked about magic constants (here) but I didn't really get it. In the following example I want $thisMethodName to be 'model_databaseLogin'


public function model_databaseLogin()
$thisMethodName = ... ;
return $this->model_methodCheck( $thisMethodName );

Is this possible in php?

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The simplest answer is the magic constants to which you refer; specifically __FUNCTION__

These are called "magic" because their value is actually contextually dynamic.

public function model_databaseLogin()
$thisMethodName = __FUNCTION__;
return $this->model_methodCheck( $thisMethodName );

There is another way, via debug_backtrace(), but that is decidedly less efficient!

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Thanks, perfect. A lot easier than I thought! –  John Aug 2 '12 at 22:45

You need the "magic constant" __METHOD__. The magic constant docs should be helpful.

So your code would be:

public function model_databaseLogin() {
    $thisMethodName = __METHOD__;
    return $this->model_methodCheck($thisMethodName);
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Thanks, Constants are still pretty new, cheers! –  John Aug 2 '12 at 22:47

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