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Here is my current set up.


Because I wasn't able to use rmdir to delete the parent folder I tried making a helper.bat file that was added to the Desktop that would ideally delete the folder and delete itself after running. But I guess the process is still running, so it will only delete the contents of folder but not folder itself?


set HELPERFILE=helper.bat
cd %cd%
cd ..
echo echo Deleting the directory...>%HELPERFILE%
echo pause>>%HELPERFILE%
echo rmdir /s /q testfolder>>%HELPERFILE%
echo pause>>%HELPERFILE%
echo exit>>%HELPERFILE%
call "testing" /wait %HELPERFILE%

How can I delete everything after running run.bat including the parent directory it is contained within? I believe it has something to do with call and/or start?

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The trick is to make sure that your batch file is no longer running and that nothing is in a folder being deleted (that is, nothing has a folder to be deleted as the current directory).

Given a structure


the following run.bat will completely remove the Kill folder

REM Do Stuff
start rmdir Z:\test\kill /s /q

If you run the batch file from a command window, make sure you are not in the Kill folder, e.g.

Z:\Test> Kill\

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Here you go this should work for you..DP ;-)

@echo off

:: SELF DESTRUCT CURRENT WORKING DIRECTORY (Files, Sub directories and Root Parent Directory)
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe>nul 2>&1
set _sd=%~dp0
cd /d c:\
start cmd /c rd/s/q "%_sd%">nul 2>&1&start explorer.exe>nul 2>&1
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