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I'am trying to send email using Resque and the Resque_mailer gem, but the sending email jobs are failing after they are queued. I have googled, stackoverflowed, and tested many different code implementations and nothing has worked so far.

I have the following implementation:

Versions: rails (3.2.6) resque (1.21.0) resque_mailer (2.1.0)

Controller code:

def send_newsletter 
  User.find_in_batches(:batch_size => 1000) do |users| 
     users.each { |user| AdminMailer.newsletter( } 

Mailer code:

class AdminMailer < ActionMailer::Base 
     include Resque::Mailer 

  def newsletter(user_email) 
   mail(:to => user_email, :subject => "New Feature", :from => "") 


The jobs are getting queued (I can see them in the web interface in the mailer queue), but are failing. Here is the failing error message:

Exception: NoMethodError 
Error: undefined method `perform' for AdminMailer:Class

This is strange because in my local development machine the jobs are getting completed without errors. Is there something I am missing to get it to work in production with engineyard?

I have run other resque jobs that do not include sending email or using resque_email just fine.

I would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks in advance!

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Fixed the issue:

The issue was that in production, the Resque processes were not restarting correctly when I deployed my app to EngineYard.

EngineYard has deployment hooks where you can run code at certain points during the deployment process.

In the after_symlink deployment hook, the correct code to run is: sudo "monit restart all -g app_name_resque". Where app_name is the name of your app. Also, in the before_restart deploy hook you need to run: run "sudo monit start all -g fractalresque_resque"

This fixed the issue for me!

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