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I don't know what can I do it.
I have a structure function as like the following:

Example: (PHP)

function func($file_path){
  // my code
return array;

I want to use the previous function in my template file, but the problem in $file_path parameter, I done the following in my template file:

Example (Template File)

{loop name="Pics"}
  {if="$value.pic_id == $picID"}
     <a href="#">{$uploadFolder}/{$value.pic_name | func}</a>

$uploadFolder is a folder contain files, and value.pic_name is the file name

Now when implement this code occurs the following problem:

failed to open stream: No such file or directory .

As we see the reason behind that problem is the function parameter does not work fine. I'm sure the problem inside this area.

{$uploadFolder}/{$value.pic_name | func} 

Can anybody help me please ?

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You can do it like this. It is simple and read the documentation so that it will becleared to you.

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