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I'm working on store locator using google maps api v3. but there was an error occurred when I searched "new orleans", "mexico", and any places that have not the stores data.

Here is the link to the course:

create a store locator using PHP/MySQL

Can anyone help me out to correct the code, make it center to the place I input in the "addressInput", even if there is no data in that location?

I suspect that it was some code missing after we load the search results, but I cannot find it out.

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look at the article here it is similar but it plots the typed in address first, then searches for stores near by.

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Thx, Vanamali! I've fixed it up. And the link u gave me uses "jason" to extract the results instead of the xml. Do u know the diff? And one more quiz: can I use getBounds() to detect the bounds of the current map so that instantly display the stores according to the map? Many thx! – Matt Aug 10 '12 at 8:33

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