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Currently I am using this code to see the divider lines:

medalsList.setDivider(new ColorDrawable(0x99F10529));

What is the default RGB color (as shown in the code above) used on a ListView that hasn't had its divider lines changed?

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The default divider is determined by the listDivider item in the current theme. For the stock themes, the default divider is one of:

  • android:drawable/divider_horizontal_dark (Theme)
  • android:drawable/divider_horizontal_bright (Theme.Light)
  • android:drawable/divider_horizontal_holo_dark (Theme.Holo)
  • android:drawable/divider_horizontal_holo_light (Theme.Holo.Light)

Those drawables can be found in the platforms data folder of your sdk installation.

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You can use:

  android:background="?android:attr/listDivider" />

Refer: How can I get the default divider?

P.S. Posting it here because Google search seems to land first on this thread instead of the other one.

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