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I try for a while to render a graph into my sencha touch 2 app, however I cant do it, the sencha charts is not compatible right now wit ST2. so I search and exist many APIS for make a graph, now the problem is integrate this apis into sencha touch.

I see the google charts api and is very simply, but how I can show it? i need something like a view for html.

there is a simply code: https://google-developers.appspot.com/chart/interactive/docs/quick_start

how I can show these code into this:

this.getHistorial().push({ // Is a new view in a Ext.navigation.View

                        xtype: 'panel',
                        title: record.get('title'),
                        layout: 'fit',
                        htmlContent: true,

                        items: [
                                    //Show chart (Google API)


Maybe if I can make that into the html: [ ] show a little file html (like a website) and just render my app. How I can do that?

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Check this discussion out: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?139473-Google-Charts-on-Sencha-Touch

It happened before ST2, but works just fine for this new release.

The main points are: - load the google api script in your index.html - create a panel - pass the panel to the chart api. remember that a panel is just a propped up div

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You can use OpenCharts for Sencha Touch 2.x or ExtJS 4.x

There are two example applications in the GitHub repo and it is well documented.


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