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I am having trouble reading a newline character with a stringstream object.

I know when type this:

stringstream stringObj;
stringObj << "Type Line 1 \rType Line 2";
CCLabel label = ...;

Output from string Obj

Type Line 1
Type Line 2

But when I read in from a char*, the \r is read in literally.

char* charString = GetMyAppString(stringkey);//returns char* to string "Type Line 1\rType Line 2"
stringstream stringObj;
stringObj << charString;
CCLabel label = ...;

I get the literal of the string.

Type Line 1\rType Line 2

What can I do to read this string and get it formatted like in my first output example? My goal is to take my character sequence from a char* and have the formatting apply (with \n or \r). It doesnt have to be a stringstream, but nothing else seems to work...

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Is the character sequence you are getting is '\\', 'r' or '\r'? – Dani Aug 3 '12 at 17:32
It is \r when the stringstream uses a char* for input, but when I do a string literal "Type Line 1\rType Line 2", the new line is properly handled, but with a char* it reads it literally, and doesnt format it. – mlagrange Aug 3 '12 at 17:47

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