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i have an access database with a price column as text type i want to convert it to double to do some comparisons the problem is the column has values that looks like the following:


so Convert.ToDouble is working fine with the values that does not contain the "$" sign so how can i remove the $ sign from the text before converting it to double?

so basicly the idea is

check if there is "$"

remove "$" from text

covert to double...

also it would be better to delete anything from the number except the decimal point

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You can use String.Replace. No need to check for "$". If it is there, it will be replaced.

    Dim value1 As String = "12.7$"
    Dim value2 As String = value1.Replace("$", "")
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Don't use Double for currency. Use Decimal.

And sorry, I'm coming from C#, but how about:

string str = "34.6$";
if (str.EndsWith("$"))
    str = str.Substring(0, str.Length-1);

var value = Decimal.Parse(str);

Crudely converted:

Dim str As String = "34.6$"
If str.EndsWith("$") Then
    str = str.Substring(0, str.Length - 1)
End If

Dim value = [Decimal].Parse(str)
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