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I have the form collection and in my template i have this code

 {% for task in form.usertasks %}
                <td> {{ form_row( }} </td>
                <td> {{ form_row(task.tasknote) }}</td>
 {% endfor %}

Now the ouput of above code is like this

<td>  <div>
      <label> name</label>
      <input value="MYTASK NAME">

<td> <div>
     <label> tasknote</label>
     <input value="TASK NOTE">

IS there any way that i can get the following codeas final result.

<td>  MYTASK NAME </td>

<td> <input value="TASK NOTE"></td>

I have tried many things but i am not able to override. i tried from this link.

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There is everything you need in that chapter – Vitaliy Zurian Aug 3 '12 at 5:21
where in that it says that i can capture the value of text box not the all element – user825904 Aug 3 '12 at 5:32

Firsty You shoud remove from form builder and use for example to dislay the value.

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