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I am using this plugin here:


GitHub Link https://github.com/jboesch/jSquares/blob/master/js/jquery.jsquares.js

... The script is working fine, but what I really need is to create a close button that only shows up inside the caption when it has been hovered over.

Clearly I don't need a close button for a desktop site since it uses hover, but I need this for it to work better on an iPad. Our solution is basically just to have a close button in there for a person to click to manually close it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT - I see this in there, so is there an easy way to attach this to a button inside of the caption?

.bind('mouseleave', function(){
    _fadeInOutImage('out', options.fade_start)
    $('#js-overlay-id-' + index).remove();
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I found a decent way to do it.

Added this code

$('.js-overlay-html .remove').bind('click', function(){
    _fadeInOutImage('out', options.fade_start)
    $('#js-overlay-id-' + index).remove();
    return false;

Directly after this:

$('<div id="js-overlay-id-' + index + '">' + contents + '</div>')
         _fadeInOutImage('out', options.fade_start)
    $('#js-overlay-id-' + index).remove();

Which seems to do the trick.

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