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I want to write a code using hector api that bring me result some thing like i got select * from table is it possible in Cassandra.please reply as soon as possible

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Depends how is structured the ColumnFamily –  coffee Aug 3 '12 at 23:31

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Depends how is structured the ColumnFamily

A example using columSlice and StringSerializer could be:

ColumnSlice<String, String> result = HFactory.createSliceQuery(ksp, stringSerializer, stringSerializer, stringSerializer)
            .setRange(startColumn, endColumn, false, limit)

    List<HColumn<String, String>> columns = result.getColumns();
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SliceQuery will not give all the rows in a columnfamily as it requires a row key. To fetch all the rows of a column family use rangeSliceQuery with null in keys and range

RangeSlicesQuery<Object, Object, Object> rangeQuery =    HFactory.createRangeSlicesQuery(keyspace, keySerializer,
            nameSerializer, valueSerializer);
rangeQuery.setRange(null, null, false, MAX_COL);
rangeQuery.setKeys(null, null);
rangeQuery.setRowCount(rowCount);//Greater than count(*)
QueryResult<OrderedRows<Object, Object, Object>> result = rangeQuery.execute();
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