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I have a function below and also the output, it is basically to find particular letters in a string and replace them with some other letters, for example in this string abcde I want to replace de with xy, so I give @input = abcde, @find = de and @replace = xy, so I get the output as abcxy, but if assume I have a string hat and I want to replace h and t with m and c, how do i achieve this?

And I must find the solution without using a while loop in my function

create  FUNCTION dbo.replace_letters
  @Input AS VarChar(1000),
  @Find AS VarChar(100),
  @Replace AS VarChar(100)
RETURNS VarChar(1000)
   SELECT @Input = REPLACE(@Input, @Find,@Replace)

   return @input

select dbo.replace_letters ('abcde', 'ed', 'dc')
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Why do you need a function? why not directly use the replace function? what is the problem you can not solve? it sounds it work and looks good? why not just call the replace function for all replacements you need to perform? –  CloudyMarble Aug 3 '12 at 5:27

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The easiest way is, to run the function a second time :-)

select dbo.replace_letters(dbo.replace_letters('hat', 'h', 'm'), 't', 'c')
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Simply run

select REPLACE(REPLACE ('HAT','H','M'),'T','C').

SQL Server provides the replace function then why to write your own for doing same task ?

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Try this: It will replace first character from @Find and replace it with first character of @Replace and second character from @Find and replace it with second character of @Replace.

CREATE  FUNCTION dbo.replace_letters
  @Input AS VARCHAR(1000),
  @Find AS VARCHAR(100),
  @Replace AS VARCHAR(100)
   SELECT @Input = REPLACE(REPLACE(@Input, SUBSTRING(@Find,1,1),SUBSTRING(@Replace,1,1)),SUBSTRING(@Find,2,1),SUBSTRING(@Replace,2,1))
   RETURN @input

 SELECT dbo.replace_letters('hat','ht','mc')
 SELECT dbo.replace_letters('hahtaahtat','ht','xy')




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