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I have a fluid template and i am passing an array to this fluid templete. I need to manipulate that array with in that fluid template file. My aim is to print each value of that array in the template file as shown below:


foreach($array as $value){
echo $value;

<f:section name="main">
<f:for each="{AccordionList}" as="accordionList" key="accordionTitle">
<div class="right-catdownload">{accordionTitle}</div> 
<f:for each="{accordionList}" as="accordionListArry" key="accordionSubtitle">
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After searching and reading the manual i have found the solutions for this . To debug your array inside flux template all you have to do is "<f:debug title="Debug of MyArray">{myarray}</f:debug>" . – Siva Aug 3 '12 at 6:24
Ziva: you will need to write more meaningful questions, even if we'd like to help you, telling the truth I had no idea what do you wanted to ask for... – biesior Aug 3 '12 at 7:35

As we talk about an MVC structure, there is (afaik) no way to manipulate an array within a fluid template. This should be done within your controller.

Another, "unclean" way would be a own viewHelper:

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