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I'm having trouble getting HTML::Template's <TMPL_IF> blocks to function -- it seems like my template is just skipping that code entirely.

    <TMPL_VAR NAME=complete><br>
    <TMPL_IF NAME="complete">
                    <!-- Some HTML here -->
        <!-- Some other HTML here -->

The TMPL_VAR line is displaying the expected values, but nothing in the block below it is showing up whatsoever. The data structure I'm passing in to the template is:

    $VAR1 = [
        'code' => 26,
        'message' => 'Start building sensors for Jarvis',
        'complete' => 0
        'code' => 33,
        'message' => 'Machine learning to determine if actions are appropriate or not',
        'complete' => 0
        'code' => 37,
        'message' => 'Play by genre audioserv method',
        'complete' => 0

Any help is greatly appreciated -- I've been banging my head against it for the last hour.

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From the fine manual:

The <TMPL_IF> tag allows you to include or not include a block of the template based on the value of a given parameter name. If the parameter is given a value that is true for Perl - like '1' - then the block is included in the output. If it is not defined, or given a false value - like '0' - then it is skipped.

All your completes are zero so <TMPL_IF> won't show anything. You might expect the "else" branch to be displayed but you don't have any <TMPL_ELSE> branches, you have <TMPLE_ELSE>. Fix the typo and try again.

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Thanks, I noticed that about 10 minutes ago, and it does indeed work now. I think I either need more sleep or more caffeine. – mydnight Aug 3 '12 at 6:48
@mydnight: I'd recommend more sleep :) – mu is too short Aug 3 '12 at 6:54

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