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Just as in Struts2 we can provide a parameter value in struts.xml as below

<action name="myS2Action" class="demo.myS2Action">
    <param name="myS2Param">value</param>

In Struts1, Is there any way to set some parameter value in struts-config.xml?

I have following entries in struts-config.xml

<form-bean name="myS1Form" type="demo.MyS1Form"></form-bean>
<action path="/myS1Action" type="demo.myS1Action" name="myS1Form" scope="request" >
    <forward name="success" path="/myS1Page.jsp"></forward>
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In Strut1 configuration, we can use set-property tag. Following question is related to usage of set-property tag.

In Struts1, how to use set-property tag inside action tag?

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