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Let me just preface this with: I Googled high and low for this, and found many examples and solutions, and I still can't figure this out.

In a .aspx.cs code behind file, I have the following:

NewsArticleList listall = NewsArticleManager.GetListAll();
foreach (NewsArticle x in listall)
    Control c1 = (NewsArticleContainer)LoadControl("~/UserControls/NewsArticleContainer.ascx");

I have a method in the User Control called PopulateWithNewsArticle() that accepts a NewsArticle, and populates the User Control's web controls accordingly:

public void PopulateWithNewsArticles(NewsArticle x)
   lbltitle.Text = x.Title;
   lblcategory.Text = x.Category;

Now this works, this is fine. But what I would like to learn/understand, is how I can pass the NewsArticle x to the User Control when I LoadControl(), so that upon creation of the User Control, I can unpackage the NewsArticle on the User Control's Page_Load, and set the web control properties from right when the User Control is instantiated as opposed to doing it after instantiation with the PopulateWithNewsArticle method (like I have it now).

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Our you can expose public property NewsArticle in the NewsArticleContainer.ascx, so you will have initialization code like this:

var control = (NewsArticleContainer)LoadControl("~/UserControls/NewsArticleContainer.ascx");
control.NewsArticle = x;
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You could use

Control c1 = 
(NewsArticleContainer)LoadControl(typeof(NewsArticleContainer),new object[]{ x });

This one is an overloaded of Page.LoadControl(), It has this syntax

public Control LoadControl(
    Type t,
    Object[] parameters

After that you would have to create a valid constructor for your UserControl too, which could be something like this

class NewsArticleContainer:System.Web.UI.UserControl
   public NewsArticleContainer(NewsArticle x)
      // Some cool code stuff here

For more on this go here.

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+1 I didn't realise LoadControl could take overloaded constructors –  Paul McCowat Aug 3 '12 at 6:19
That's awesome, thanks a lot. My next question would be, after passing my parameter via the overloaded LoadControl(), how can I receive and unpackage those parameters at the other end, in the user control's constructor? Does it simply just "know" to use those parameters for the constructor? –  CptSupermrkt Aug 3 '12 at 6:23
Actually it looks like the overload takes different parameters. If you want to use the object array, you can't give it a string as the path, but you need to give it a Type. –  CptSupermrkt Aug 3 '12 at 7:22
yeah you are right thanx for notifying me. I have edited my answer. –  yogi Aug 3 '12 at 8:34

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