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Hello I want to create a program with speech recognition for Tagalog/Filipino words. I already tried this code.

import speech

def L1callback(phrase, listener):
        print "Tama! Ang Sagot ay %s" % phrase
    L1 = speech.listenfor(["bahay", "tao", "aso", "ibon", "baboy"], L1callback)

    response = ''
    while response.lower() != 'bahay':
        response = speech.input()
        print "Mali!"

It works however, it is not accurate. Sometimes it accepts wrong pronunciation. For instance TAO which is pronounced as ta-o. sometimes when the user says taw.. the program accepts it.

Is there a way to train python speech in order to have an accurate speech recognition program? I will only used 20-30 words.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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up! please I need an answer :( – Herc Casiple Aug 6 '12 at 1:18

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