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I am consuming wcf service using infopath, I can easily access it through IE, but unable to access using InfoPath, my wcf service is hosted on another server. I am getting this error :

WSDLReader:Could not find '/definitions/service' inside the '' namespace of the wsdl file. The parameter is incorrect.
 - WSDLReader:Analyzing the WSDL file failed. The parameter is incorrect.

It was all working fine, but when server was restarted or shutdown, it has stopped working and am getting this error now. When I deployed the same webservice on the same server where my InfoPath form is, it was working fine.

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how did you create the webservice? is it specificly designed for SP? –  int32 Aug 6 '12 at 9:57

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Try to empty Infopah cache on client

How to do it more specifically depends on Windows and Infopath version/edition which were not given

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