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I am trying to design some simple GUIs with Glade to use with Ruby. I am not having so much luck finding tutorials/references on how to actually interface glade with Ruby however. I have found maybe 1 or 2 hello world tutorials that show how to use a button to change a title of a window but is there a reference that tells me what each of the signals/handlers do and how to use functionality such as comboboxes, listboxes, tree structures etc..?

If you guys had any information to give me to help learn Glade with Ruby I would be most thankful!

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Take a look at RSQLiteGUI. It's a small Glade app, so you get an overview really quick. Still it's bigger than HelloWorld and it should show you most concepts.

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I guess this is what will have to do if there are no good tutorials out there. Thanks! –  Javed Ahamed Jul 27 '09 at 13:57

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