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Is there a way to import the Jenkins JUnit test results into Eclipse's JUnit view? I found the 'Import from URL...' in Eclipse. Is there a way in Jenkins to create the necessary XML file?

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You can get the latest test result file directly from workspace folder (You could look your last build file in /jenkins/jobs/XXXXXXX/builds/YYY to know where it lies).

But for previous builds I'm afraid Jenkins keeps its own file with its own structure under /jenkins/jobs/XXXXXXX/builds/YYY.

So unless you have a task copying the result for you somewhere, I don't think you'll be able to import them in eclipse.

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Which URL would I use for the workspace folder? I would need a URL to expose the test results of the test suite itself and no html output. –  Stefan Haberl Aug 8 '12 at 10:08

I am sure that using ANT Junit reports can be created with Jenkins. That XML file can then be taken as URL then.

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I guess what I really wanted is provided by the Mylyn's Hudson/Jenkins connector.

Install it using Install new features... in Eclipse using the Mylyn's update site

and tick the appropriate Mylyn build connector.

installation screenshot

Once installed open the appropriate view using Window > Show View > Others and selecting Mylyn > Builds

show view screenshot

Work's like a charm! You can monitor and start Hudson/Jenkins builds, and view the build console and JUnit results directly in Eclipse!

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In addition to the usage of the Mylyn connector, in Jenkins one needs to specify "Publish JUnit test result report" in the "Post-build Actions" section of the project's configuration page. The parameter is the pattern for the xml files of the tests results, or pattern for the xml file of the JUnitReport task if it is used.

That was the thing that worked for me. I Don't know if that option had existed back then though.

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