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Hi I have a Java Web service to call. The Web service is working on SOAP Binding 1.2.

Through Wizard of Oracle J-Developer(Oracle IDE, I have developed the Client from the WSDL file.

but the SOAP message being created is using SOAP Binding 1.1 Thus giving exception at call time.

I have Java 1.4 and i need to set the SOAP Binding to 1.2 programmatically.

please help if this can be done.

if not please provide some alternative to it.

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Is this JAX-RPC? I believe it is limited to SOAP 1.1 - see spec. JAX-WS which depends on Java 5 is required for SOAP 1.2. You may have to find some non-standard Java 1.4 SOAP 1.2 API. – McDowell Aug 3 '12 at 8:06
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I did some R&D, and the comment by McDowell is correct, i have to use Java 1.5 to do something like this. even to do it without annotations.


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