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Payment is being successfully accepted in paymate and then when it is returning the client to my website it does not return the output parameters at all. The paymate payment url i am using to post values :

On the return URL I am using both POST and REQUEST to trap values passed by paymate - but I get nothing.

Their support just gave me this URL - which I have been following since day 1 :

Anyone who faced similar problem ? I am using custom PHP code in my website and the retun URL and understand the basics of paymate method when they talk about the Input and Output parameters.


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Did you manage to figure this out? I have been working on this quite a while and their documentation does not actually cover how this works? – Shane Jun 14 '13 at 5:54
@Shane Did you figure out anything on this , I'm on same situation! – Jobin Jose Feb 4 at 6:52
Hi Jobin, I can not remember how exactly I went about getting around this. I can not find the code either. Off memory, you need to look at this...… After they get back to your site, if I remember correctly you are given an ID in the query string which you then use to query paymate for their response. – Shane Feb 9 at 3:23

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