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Can anyone tell me how to assign all stuff in lineEdit to a QStringList variable? Suppose I have xyz typed in a QLineEdit and I want to shift it to QstringList variable, how can i do that E.g

QStringList abc;

How can I take all typed stuff from lineEdit to abc?

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You can simply add the value of the QLineEdit to QStringList:


Or create new QStringList with text from QLineEdit:

QStringList abc(lineEdit->text());
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This too worked!! Thank you very much for help! – Varun Chitre Aug 3 '12 at 7:58

The lineedit can export its content to a QString

QString xLineEditContent = xLineEdit.text();

Then you can append this string to a QStringList

QStringList xStringList;
xStringList << xLineEditContent;

It should work (you can also combine lines to avoid xLineEditContent instantiation).

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