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I need to extract nameidentifier claim from windows live. I searched for the code, most of the places, I found using Azure access control service. I don't want to use Azure ACS. Is it possible to achieve this only using C#, asp.net?

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Bear in mind that the UI given by LiveID is not a global identifier for a specific user, but in relation to the app/system requesting it. For example: 2 ACS namespaces might get 2 different UI for the same LiveID user. –  Eugenio Pace Aug 3 '12 at 18:58

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Are you able to get a SAML token back from Live ID? If so, the NameIdentifier should be found within the saml:Subject.

If your website is using WIF, then after a successful authentication you should already find this nameidentifier claim inside the IClaimsPrincipal object. (e.g. HttpContext.Current.User)

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I am just keen in extracting nameidentifier from Windows Live. I need to configure those nameidentifer in our database. This process may not be necessarily authentication. Can we do this in windows application using webbrowser object. –  bhavesh lad Aug 6 '12 at 4:43

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