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static public String Titl;    

Now in simple programming language suppose i got a dropdown list on my form. when i debugged i found out that dropdowlist with the id dropdownlist1 when written


contains the value i selected in the dropdown menu. However when i did something like this:

titl = dropdownlist1.text;    

i was not getting the value in the titl variable. Help needed. Thank You!

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Shree Khanal: That wouldn't solve anything... –  Rupo Aug 3 '12 at 7:46

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check this if you want text..then


and if you want value then

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int selectedIndex=dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex;//get index
string selectedText=dropdownlist1.SelectedItem.Text;//get text
string selectedValue=dropdownlist1.SelectedItem.Value;//get value
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 Title = !string.IsNullorEmpty(dropdownlist1.SelectedItem.Text) ?
 dropdownlist1.SelectedITem.Text : "";
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 Titl = dropdownlist1.SelectedValue;

Works! Thank You!

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