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How to trim whitespace from bash variable?

I have searched and attempted a number of solutions but nothing seems to work for me...

I have a shell variable which is causing issues due to leading and trailing spaces. how can we get rid of all the spaces in a single line using shell script?

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I can think of two options:

variable="  gfgergj lkjgrg  "
echo $variable | sed 's,^ *,,; s, *$,,'

or else

nospaces=${variable// } #remove leading spaces
nospaces=${variable%% } #remove trailing spaces
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nospaces=${variable// } actually removes leading and trailing spaces in my Bash – Theodros Zelleke Aug 3 '12 at 9:01
nospaces=${variable// } removes all spaces – Harpreet Jan 5 '14 at 21:19

there are so many ways to achieve that, awk oneliner:

kent$  echo "    foo  -  -  -  bar   "|awk '{sub(/^ */,"",$0);sub(/ *$/,"",$0)}1'
foo  -  -  -  bar
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